For the Not So Strong Swimmers in the Strongest of Waves


I recently started following a new account on my Instagram called SoulScripts. The account is run by a woman in her 20’s, named Jordan, that, to my understanding, wants to support, encourage, and enlighten other women through the light of Jesus Christ. I happened upon it one day while mindlessly searching, but I am so very thankful that I did.

About two or so weeks ago now, she posted something that sang to my soul. She wrote,

“To anyone going through something really hard or wanting to give up:

Tonight I ran into red flag waves (aka super dangerous) during an engagement session to get the best picture my human capacity allowed. The waves nearly knocked me down over and again. But I stood my ground. I planted my feet and kept my stance wide. I fought the current with more determination than I knew I had.

And the photos were totally worth it.

My little battle with Mother Nature reminded me of the daily battles this world hands us. And sometimes the forces that surround us knock us off our feet and lay us out flat on our back.

So if the current of today is dragging you down, if the waves are really big and you’re losing strength, let me just say this: don’t quit fighting. Plant your feet firmly in His Word and cling to The Rock. Promise if you do, the picture of your life will turn out exactly how He intended it: beautiful.”

Sometimes when we get hung up in a hard time, when the waves are knocking us left and right, doing the best they can to take our feet out from underneath us, it’s almost easy to just let them win and sink our head under. But what is that worth? Giving up the fight for a moment of relief, to only have our lungs filled with water that drags us down further. So instead of giving up, instead of letting surrounding forces knock us off our feet, we need to plant our feet deeper into our foundation, like Jordan said. Jordan here refers to her foundation being in Jesus. She is not alone in that. However, even if your foundation does not lie there, dig your feet into whatever gives you the strength to fight back against the unknown.

We will always be faced with hard times. Life will always try to knock us off of our feet. Maybe that’s some of the fun of it. In reality, we can’t hide from the potential destruction that life threatens on us. We also cannot let it win. There will be times that regardless of how far down we dig our feet, our foundation can still crumble. But we have to be so sure of ourselves, so strong in our fight, that building our foundation back will be the easy part.

I reiterated a lot of Jordan’s original post. However, that’s just how much it moved me. I’m dealing with the transition of post-grad life. AKA adulting is hard and I’m a broke college grad scrambling to get back to work and find my balance in life again. I’m dealing with the tough stuff of life every single day as of recently, but this time, I’ve fought harder against it as to not let it steal my spirit. I’ve dug my feet into the sand I have below me, and have let those waves hit me face on. I’ve been doing more of the self-care I’ve talked about. And while I may have waivered a few times, while the waves have been cold and hard and painful, while the sand under my feet has started to slide away, I still believe I have been made stronger while I’m standing up against them. That’s the goal, isn’t it? To come out of our struggles standing stronger, taller, and swimming harder than we went into them. Otherwise, we’ll be dragged away with the current. Don’t let the current take you. Dig your feet in, keep your eyes on the shore, and keep fighting for that picture you’ve always wanted.

Find some people who can help you in your fight. Don’t only find people who will carry you from the waves when they knock you down. Find those who will stand next to you, find those who will hold your hand and help you fight. Some battles are very lonely, but not all have to be. And even if yours is, find comfort in knowing that there are others fighting battles, too. Remember, people need other people.

So I don’t know, maybe you disagree, maybe it doesn’t make sense to you at all.  I may even be wrong about all of it, but it’s just my view on it.

“When you go through deep waters,
    I will be with you.
When you go through rivers of difficulty,
    you will not drown.”

-Isaiah 43:2


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